Using Reiki to accelerate healing of injuries

I have had several people come to me with injuries this year. The injuries include nerve damage resulting from a severe finger injury, muscular injuries/strain, work-related leg and back injuries, and shoulder damage from a fall. Each one of these injuries benefitted from Reiki, even the ones that had been left untreated for months.


That there were benefits didn't surprise me. That there were tangible results after just one session did surprise me, as did the impacts of the treatments. One client got feeling back in the area where nerves were damaged. Most realised increased mobility in the affected joints. All experienced pain reduction.


Here's what I've learned from my experiences treating injuries.


  1. It's best to get treated right away. But if that's not possible or you want to try other healing modalities first, don't be afraid to give Reiki a go. It can still help months after the injury occurred and even when other methods don't seem to help much.

  2. Treatments must be focused on the injury and at least an hour in length. If so, you are very likely to feel some difference even after a single treatment. (I once made the mistake of trying to cover too many small injuries in a client, which proved ineffectual. He didn't notice any real impact from the Reiki session other than the feeling of relaxation and being taken care off. When I subsequently treated one of his injuries in a focused way, he realised some immediate results which were then enhanced by subsequent remote treatments.)

  3. It's best to have multiple treatments over consecutive days to optimise and accelerate healing. I recommend three sessions over three days. This should be enough to see a significant change. It may be enough altogether depending on the nature and severity of the injury and your body's response. But if not, at the end of 3 sessions you and the Reiki provider will be better able to determine whether any further sessions might be useful.


Reiki is incredible, but it isn't magic. It works by helping your body do what it already knows how to do: heal. That's why Reiki can accelerate healing. It works in harmony with your body.


While some complementary therapy providers prefer their patients not to combine therapies, I take the opposite view. I want my clients to get the maximum benefits in the least possible time. If that means using multiple modalities, I'm all for it, especially if they can work together harmoniously. And I am happy to work with other providers who have complementary therapies and other healthcare workers.


Contact me if you want to explore working together to help people heal faster, or if you have an injury and want to try Reiki to accelerate your healing.

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