How Reiki works?

Modern medicine has given us knowledge of the body’s anatomy and immune system. Psychology has given us insight into the connection between mind and matter. Traditional medicine has further expanded our understanding of health and wellbeing, incorporating personality, emotion, energy and soul. But there is still a lot that we don’t understand about traditional healing systems such as Reiki. As a result, there is still a stark divide between those who believe in these approaches and those who don’t, those who are willing to try them and those who won’t.


I have no desire to convince anyone about the healing benefits of Reiki or any other type of complementary therapy. I know from my own experience with people that Jikiden Reiki works. If I hadn’t seen its results, I would not be offering it. It is not magic. It is not a quick fix. And it is not a replacement for modern medical help, where such help is needed. Indeed Reiki can work well alongside modern medicine, and it is increasingly being used to help cancer treatment patients. I have seen Reiki work with people that believe in it and with those that don’t. Those that don’t often come to acknowledge that there is something to it when they experience the impact of it, even though they can’t explain how it works.


Despite my training and experience, I cannot explain how it works in scientific terms. I am not sure that we have the science to explain energy-based medicine yet. But the science is coming. In time it will complement the growing research base and case studies that help us understand when, where and how best to use complementary therapies such as Reiki. I will research and write about these fascinating topics in this blog. I believe they are indicative of emerging future possibilities that extend beyond health and wellness. (Join me in this exploration by subscribing to my newsletter below.)


Towards the end of his life, Marconi, the father of wireless radio and all the wireless communication technology that resulted, said: “You can’t imagine…how many hidden forces there are in the atmosphere which we don’t know about and which would be so necessary to humanity.” Perhaps Reiki is one of them.

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