Experience how Jikiden Reiki can help you heal from the inside out

  • What Reiki Helps With

    Clients have experienced the following results:

    • Pain reduction, including in areas with chronic, persistent pain
    • Improved feeling in areas with nerve damage
    • Accelerated post-operative healing
    • Decreased stress and anxiety
    • Support in grappling with grief and bereavement
    • Greater ease in addressing old patterns and bad habits
    • And more! 
  • Client Stories

    Vicky, Cornwall, UK

    "Jikiden Reiki is incredible. Each time I have had a session with Rashmir, I very quickly relaxed, and felt transported to another dimension. I came away feeling more at peace and more whole, physically and mentally integrated somehow. I wish I could have a session every week!"

    Nigel, Cornwall, UK

    "I didn’t know what to expect the first session, but it was very relaxing. It’s really hard to explain it, but I’ve had amazing results from Reiki. After a few sessions, the pain that I’ve had for years in my knees and ankles is much reduced. I now have a lot more mobility and can walk longer distances. Friends and family have commented on how much more active I am, and some have said that I seem happier and more energised since the Reiki sessions.

    I also did a couple of sessions for weight loss. It definitely helped, but it is a work in progress.

    I highly recommend Reiki with Rashmir. It may not work for everyone, but if you have any health problems, it's definitely worth a go."

    Leena, Massachussetts, USA

    “I cannot say enough about my remote Reiki session with Rashmir! I must admit I was a bit skeptical as to whether I would experience the same sort of “hands on” connection and effect as an “in person” session…how soon I was remedied of that!​

    Rashmir has an amazingly powerful presence that immediately puts one at ease. Her depth of compassion and skillful listening before the session creates a sense of calm and confidence.


    I had prepared a space before our call/session to retreat without interruption and as soon as I laid down I could feel the energy begin. I quickly found myself deeply relaxed and aware of the energetic connection flowing. I was transported -journeying through multiple dimensions and keenly aware of sensations within my physical body as energy began to shift and move. And as if my own internal experience of shift and release was not enough I was amazed to “compare notes” post session to discover just how much in sync our experiences had been. What Rashmir “picked up” through her exploration through my energy field and the areas she was drawn to focus, I had actually felt and experienced myself as she was working! Both fascinating and confirming that the healing power of reiki is translatable remotely and a testament to Rashmir’s capacity as Reiki practitioner. I experienced a release of what I would describe as “stagnant” or “stuck” energies in my body and an increase in overall energy and vitality post Reiki sessions which opened up my capacity to engage my body in ways in which I had been feeling blocked accessing pre-session overall helping me get footing into re-balancing mind body and soul.


    Rashmir truly is a gifted healer! I am thrilled to have her as part of my support team going forward to maintain a full and healthy life! “

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  • About

    I first stumbled across Reiki in 2010, when I stepped out of a high-level career in global health and philanthropy to follow my heart. I was intrigued by the idea of health in systems requiring the healthy circulation of energy. So I was naturally intrigued by traditional healing approaches that worked with energy flows. When I moved to Cornwall in 2014, I met Kellie Gilmour, a down-to-earth Reiki teacher who was interested in the scientific basis of holistic and complementary therapies. I took the plunge and learned Western Reiki with her. When she introduced me to Amanda Jayne, a Jikiden Reiki teacher, I knew I had to learn this style of Reiki that was still taught and practised as it had been in Japan for almost a century.


    Jikiden Reiki intuitively felt right to me. The simple, practical, humble and unfussy approach with its focus on physical and psychological healing backed up by decades of clinical practice strongly resonated with me.


    At first, I used Reiki to support myself, family and friends. When I began offering Reiki to people I didn't know well, I was astounded by the results. The speed at which people saw tangible results on long-standing physical issues such as pain and nerve damage blew my mind.


    The more I practised Jikiden Reiki, the more I felt I had to offer to more people. It is just too valuable a gift not to share.

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